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About Us

It’s not really about us!

But if you really want to know then let’s try and give you a flavour to what we are about!.

We are bringing together such a diverse and mixed group of people so that we benefit from the experience and knowledge of those industries that we will operate in.

And what a mix it is. For example we have an author in our expert panel. His book “The Hairy Arsed Builder” is about his own personal journey in changing his life around.

Well worth a read. In fact when we started to write this section of our site we thought about asking our author to write it because there is so much we could write about us. For example we have an oil and gas man who happens to like all things to do with human factors that he became an expert in that field. Then we have an ambassador of many things such as the CITB – Construction training, the London Chamber of Commerce and to really show off, she also was awarded an MBE for her work with young people in construction.

So this just gives you a flavour of what we are about. But so we don’t miss anything here are a few bullets we just had to add.

We could go on but as we said at the beginning it’s not about us.

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