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CallConfidential – Open to the Construction Industry

CallConfidential to operate within the UK construction industry.

There have been big improvements over recent years in reducing the number and rate of injuries to construction workers across the UK. However, a number of serious ill-health issues continue to affect construction workers and accidents unfortunately still happen all too often. These can be devastating for individuals and families. The challenges for this industry are the same as they are for many others but there are other factors that give this industry a unique challenge.

Here at CallConfidential we have several members of our staff and expert panel who have direct experience of working in the construction industry and who are familiar with those challenges. They have also seen the good, bad and the ugly with regard to behaviours and know how this can have an influence on the culture. Many professionals point to the improving safety record in construction to demonstrate how well the culture has improved. However, relying on statistical information alone is not a good indicator of a strong and robust safety culture and therefore all information and intelligence is truly valuable when one looks at gauging what the culture is “around here”.

CallConfidential, offers construction organisations a service that bolts onto existing internal arrangements, supplementing those channels used to gather intelligence on the state of play within an organisation. Acting as an early warning mechanism that highlights potential problems within or indeed external to a company, that may evolve into something more sinister. A proactive approach to risk management. A preventative strategy, a form of insurance policy and quite simply, a protective business opportunity. All intelligence is valuable. Organisations that buy into this will always look to identify weakness in their internal arrangements, in addition to their strengths and seek to implement improvements and safeguards when these become obvious.

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