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About CallConfidential

Confidential Reporting is a unique new service support for employees and organisations of all sizes. Our service is open to all industry sectors and will provide subscribing members with an additional layer of protection that bolsters existing organisational arrangements. All too often, finding the need for improvement or system correction, relies solely on internal reporting channels, or sadly, in some cases, after an accident or incident.

Indeed, our service strengthens those internal arrangements as it provides staff with a confidential route that is independent and ensures matters of concern which may result in a health or safety risk, or business system failure are brought to the surface and effectively dealt with. Alternatively, it could remain in the organisation, fester and then cause damage.

The CallConfidential service is a protective layer, another defence and helps drive improvement in the workplace by supporting front-line staff, giving them a voice, especially when they fear speaking out may result in negative feedback, or even bring some form of retaliation. A good organisation will value all intelligence no matter where it has come from. If it prevents loss or injury, and improves how things are done or merely corrects a wrong it is worth having.

The team at CallConfidential will be happy to visit you or your organisation to talk you through why joining CallConfidential makes sense. Call us on 01323 818030 or email us at

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